Wi-Fi System Retest: NETGEAR AC3000 Orbi And Linksys Velop

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Did you do testing with the latest Velop firmware version


Mr. Easy
Staff member
Did you do testing with the latest Velop firmware version as stated in review.

I always update before testing. Looks like I just missed the release on 8/24. Testing was completed on 8/23


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That's too bad because firmware was a failure but firmware version is a success.


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Sorry I don't have the answer to that.

I provided downgrade instructions and a firmware download link to firmware to many Linksys forum users during that period. Firmware was reporting quite well but it did have a few issues with Bridge Mode.


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The WAN throughput is odd. I thought pretty much the orbi line up had the same processor and chipset. So a little surprised their high end would show those results.

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