Solved Wifi 6 / ax connection testing

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[Edit: GUI does indeed offer the ability to activate/deactivate wifi 6 (Wireless/General/Enable wifi 6). Dumb I. I guess I must try on the client itself. Apologies.]

My router is ax-capable and I am considering getting hold of a wifi6-ready client, mainly on the assumption I would get improved performance.
The question I would like to ask is the following:
Since the client (iPad) is also ac-capable, how could I know it actually connects to the faster ax network and not the ac?
Is there a way I could try and compare its performance wrt to the ac connection? As far as I can tell (and please don't take my word for that) I can enable/disable 5GHz network on the router, but can't think of a way to discriminate between a b/g/n/ac or ax.

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If your talking about Asus routers then the router will tell you what the client is connecting with. Look in the system log then wireless log tab.


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OP, I wouldn't worry too much because clients usually connect on the newest/fastest wifi technology automatically, common to client & router. Bit of a non issue IMHO.

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