Wifi 6 mesh went down - looking for replacement (managed wifi with TP-Link or Ubiquiti or...)


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Problem statement: At the start of our party (50-70 connected devices) my wifi went down. Router/Wifi specs tell me each box should be able to handle 128 devices (it clearly did not). Looking for a replacement that will do the job while also provided seamless roaming/active handoff of existing calls.

I currently have 3 Huawei AX3 routers (quad cores) in mesh/link+ setup connected through a wired backbone. Why Huawei? I got them cheap and was/am still amazed at the priced that other vendors ask. Normally the setup works fine but last sunday the whole network went down. Time for an upgrade.

I am looking for advise on what to buy best and would appreciate any recommendation in this area.

1) Area to cover : House is 200 square metes on each floor (3 floors. Garden is 400 square meters
2) 3 floors with difficult concrete. Cat 6/7 cable is available on each floor as a backbone
3) parental controls (time limiting various devices for the kids, allowing for multiple intervals for each device)
4) seamless roaming/handoff while walking through the house
5) ability to connect non-accespoint devices on the backbone (this rules out the asus mesh etc, as they will not allow a switch to sit between the primary and secondar AP/Router)
6) ability to handle 100+ devices.
7) Having 2.5 Gbe over cat 5/6/7 would be nice to have

i am a mikrotik fan (Using a Hex-S as primary router with fiber connect to provider) - unfortunately they do not provide Wifi 6 or 6E accesspoint) - so looking at TP-Link or Ubiquiti.

Any recommendations/experiences to share?

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