Wifi 6 Router recommendation for 400 sq. m. building and 20+ Devices

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I am looking for the right and optimized setup for the network of my house. House is a 400 square meters building of two levels/floors with a total of 4 apartments and 4 shop lots at the ground floor. The connection is 100 MegaBits FTTH and the modem/router is Huawei Echolife HG8245Q GPON Terminal. There are dead spots in the ground floor and the second floor. I would be thankful if you could recommend wireless routers capable of covering the current requirements and scaling easily for future requirements like adding a NAS server and number of surveillance cameras.

Preference is given to Wifi 6 dual or tri band routers.

Current Setup
- Connection 100 Mbps FTTH
- Total Number of Devices 20
Mobile phone 11
Computer 3
Videogaming console 2
Other 1

Future devices to be added 5
NAS Server 1
surveillance cameras 4


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I've had good luck with various Asus routers. My current RT-AC88U provides coverage out to the edges of a 21,000 square-foot property (~2,000 square meters) and beyond, even in a congested suburban neighborhood. I am able to get at least 100 mbps speeds on 2.4 anywhere in the house. My house is primarily standard wood 2x4 and drywall. If you have brick or concrete your results might be dramatically different.


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Thanks sbsnb !
I am considering Asus routers too. The building is of concrete with metal reinforcement so there surely is signal impedance.


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If the walls between rooms are concrete there's probably no way a single router is going to work for you. If it were my house I would need an AP in every room.


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I have range extenders in some rooms to help receive the wifi signal that I plug into the electricity socket. They are TPLink extenders.


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Is there a better method to connect Asus RT-AC88U directly to the fiber connection ?? I have installed it now by a CAT5 cable to the original fiber terminal (HG8245Q), disabled the terminals' wireless and made a new wireless network by Asus. Is it possible to ditch the fiber terminal altogether and connect Asus directly ?

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