WiFi 6e disconnects every 12 hours


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I have the AXE11000 and finally got a wifi 6e device to use. The Pixel 6a. Upon connecting it was usually a little slower to find the 6ghz wifi but it would pop up eventually. Upon connecting I noticed that it wouldn't stay connected. I figured it was an issue with it having less range but it would disconnect when 5 or so yards away. Contacted google and they offered to send me a new phone since it was less than a week old. New one came and same thing happened, disconnected when in the same room as the router. Haven't sent the original device back and have them both connected within 5 minutes of each other and old one disconnects first followed by the new one. Looked at the connection time before the second one and realized it was basically 12 hours time. Could this be a router issue? Or an actual Pixel 6a issue with it being a new device. No other problems with 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz as they all stay connected for days at a time. Uptime is actually at a week as we speak. The only thing I've changed on the Pixels is a turned random MAC address off as I saw some Samsungs were having this issue before but it didn't do anything. Problem still occurs. No settings were changed on the 6Ghz wifi settings all default including the professional settings page. Running stock firmware with latest firmware update which was about a week or two ago.

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