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WiFi 7... Arriving 'soon'.

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I also recently replaced my access points with business class Wi-Fi 6 units. The speed and roaming are excellent. Almost 800Mbps to wireless AX clients is going to be enough for many years. I don’t use 160MHz channels.
I just got Wi-Fi 6 working and I don't think it roams as well as AC. I am not sure they are going to do much work on it now since they are pushing ahead for Wi-Fi 7.
My roaming with 2 iPhones and using Wi-Fi 6 drops a couple of words using my Cisco 150ax APs. My old Cisco WAP581 wireless APs dropped no words on roaming. So there is a little difference. But I can tell the 150ax APs are faster with higher connects rates. My ax devices connect at 1201 rates now and has snappier responses.
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