News WiFi Broadband Alliance publishes Proposed Roadmap for WiFi, 5G convergence

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Another Spectrum Grab Attempt by the Carriers - unlicensed spectrum is the public commons...

Convergence between Wi-Fi and cellular access technologies is critical to the long-term success of 5G. That is according to WBA’s 5G and Wi-Fi RAN Convergence whitepaper, developed with input from mobile carriers, Wi-Fi providers, telecom manufacturers, and its own 5G Working Group.

The report is expanding on the WBA and NGMN RAN convergence whitepaper from 2019 which articulated the potential benefits and use-cases of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G convergence, provides a breakdown of the current standards and key business opportunities for operators with this technology.

Businesses and operators stand to gain a great deal from the seamless integration of Wi-Fi and cellular access in the 5G networks, including:

  • Public & Enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart City
  • At home
  • Wi-Fi only devices
The 5G and Wi-Fi RAN Convergence whitepaper, led by Broadcom, Cisco, Intel and Orange, investigates technologies which enable end-user 5G services over Wi-Fi access. It highlights several critical action areas for industry bodies and operators related to supporting trusted WLAN integration with the 5G core and enabling QoS differentiation for 5G flows over WLAN access. The specific enhancements and suggested actions for the industry are broken down into five distinctive key areas: 5G and Wi-Fi convergence architecture, Multi-access functionality for Access Traffic Steering, Switching and Splitting (ATSSS), End-to-end QoS (Quality-of-Service), Policy Interworking and enhancements across 5G and Wi-Fi, and Support for Wi-Fi only devices.

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