WiFi Connectivity Issue

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Hi guys,

I've setup 2 AX88U with the latest versions of the firmware. One of them is the main router and the other is a AIMESH setup connected via wire. Everything works fine for the most part but some devices are being knocked off the wifi for no apparent reason and on some devices (a recent iPad Pro), the wifi signal keep fluctuating like crazy. I never had these issues with the Apple router I replaced. Any idea as to what may be causing this? Thank you.


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is AiMesh even necessary? since you've already connected the secondary mesh node via ethernet cable, why not simplify things by disabling AiMesh entirely, then set the Operation Mode for the secondary router to Access Point (AP) Mode instead of an AiMesh Node. then set Wireless Mode and Channels (2.4 & 5 GHz) to Auto on both routers and test from there. if your 'wifi neighbourhood' happens to be crowded & noisy, then you may need to manually adjust channels for better performance.

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