WiFi Deauth Deauthenticated Issue

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What is the status of the Deauthenticated WiFi issue? Does it have a solution with Merlin? This seems to still be an issue with the latest Asus firmware on a RT-AC68U. Is there a settings change recommdation?

Some devices get kicked off WiFi and some are IoT devices that then never reconnect which is frustrating. Happens every 4 days.

Deauth_ind XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, status: 0, reason: Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS (3), rssi:0


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Hi Galfert, I've been experiencing something similar with my RT-AX58U, I can be happily connected to my Wifi and work VPN and then my other devices be they iphones/android chromebooks suddenly cannot connect to anything. I have a Tenda Nova5 connected to one of my gig ports and this also disconnects and it's wired! I've not been able to troubleshoot and get logs due to work commitments in my house but what is the best way to check this. Running the latest stable release of Merlin (non-beta).


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i got that all the time on my ax88 with 384.19 on the 2.4GHz
384.18 and 386.1 are ok


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I have 384.19_0 installed atm, wanted to hold off going to beta as my family are relying on connectivity for work and college etc. This problem has started happening more frequently though, twice this week.


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@galfert - I will check the logs if it happens again after setting DTIM to 3.
Let me know how it goes when you update to 386.1 please would be interested to hear how that goes.
Thanks for the reply's btw - appreciate it.


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Today I updated my AX58U to 386.1 after two more instances of dropped wifi devices.
Lets see how it goes :cool:


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And did you do a full reset afterward? I hope the issue(s) get fixed by simply upgrading the firmware in your case. If not, the link below should get your router back to a good/known state on the latest/current firmware.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021


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Hi folks, a quick update, so the issue has not returned after doing the FW update. I've not done a full reset, rather just the update from FW tab and rebooted.

All seems okay for now - thanks all for your help.

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