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I have a Main RT-AC5300 and two AiMesh nodes RT-AC68U connected by ethernet. I am using the latest version Current Version : installed automatically so the two RT-AC68's were automatically updated with the proper SW simultaneously.

For some reason my Wifes iPhone, her Surface and one of my Echo DOTs seem to loose internet access. On the surface, the Wifi signal bars will disappear from the system tray and will be replaced by the globe with no internet indicated on it. When I log into my router and check, I still see my Wifes Surface connected to the RT-AC5300 access point. The signal strength is very strong where this happens, however I am wondering if I am having an interference problem. I do live in a townhome community. This is the only thing I can think of but don't now if that would cause the symptoms I am seeing.

Should I simply try a different Wifi channel?


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Yes. Try them all, reboot the router in between changes, and wait 10 minutes after it boots up before testing for a least a few hours and keeping good notes. There are only so many channels to test, you'll find a good/fast one soon enough.


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SmartConnect works OK for me. Just use fixed non DFS channel for 5 GHZ (I use channel 36 at 80 mhz) and channel 1, 6, or 11 at 20 mhz for the 2.4 GHZ band.


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Thanks. After reading a similar thread, I see I should try turning off Smart Connect, so I am starting with that, then will go trough various channels.
Good idea since your AC68U nodes do not support Smart Connect (and same SSIDs per band).


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