WiFi/Internet connection issues RT-AC66U


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Recently switched ISP and since around that time have experienced some WiFi/Internet connection issues. However, I think that the problems are not connected to the ISP switch.

Basically, wired seems OK. On wireless (mainly using 2.4 GHz) several devices (e.g. phone, tablet, and desktop PC) have occasional issues with connecting. It's seems there is no pattern to the problem. Have to try several times to connect and then get Connected No Internet. On my desktop if I wait a while and /or persist in connecting between 2.4 and 5 GHz it will eventually work (i.e. I can reach the Internet). Sometimes when I check on the router admin page it shows already connected to the Internet. One desktop PC in particular seems to have the most problems. Phones usually connect but sometimes not. So I'm thinking it's a local problem.

Other issues have been that wireless printing doesn't always work. Rebooted the router and the PC and eventually it started printing after I cancelled the first print job and resent it. I have several servers on the network and I can access one through remote desktop (wireless) but having problems via a mobile app.

The router is a few years old and has been running Merlin 380.70 without fault for a couple of years at least. System status looks OK in terms of CPU, RAM, etc. Usually, there are about 15-20 devices connected. Using fibre Internet and it seems fine in terms of speeds, etc. Rebooting the router seems to clear the problem. I rebooted yesterday and it has been fine since (except for mobile access issue above). Any ideas what might be going on?


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@ruasonid you may want to follow my M&M Config (or the more in-depth Nuclear Reset) guide found by following the link in my signature below.

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