Wifi non-buffered streaming jitter/stutter


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ISP Modem in bridge > (gigabit ethernet) > AC87U Router Mode (merlin 378.56_2 > (gigabit ethernet) > AX56U AP mode (merlin 386.2_2)

Whenever I use a non-buffered streaming application (Nvidia Gamestream, Stadia, Moonlight, Virtual Desktop VR) from any device (iOS, Windows, MacOS, Quest 2) over Wifi there is a noticeable stutter when connecting to the AX56U versus the AC87U. By process of elimination I have eliminated the following as being the cause:
  • Network topology; removed AC87U from equation by replacing it with AX56U in router mode.
  • Firmware; tried multiple factory resets with various merlin firmware and official asus firmware.
  • Wifi interference; as mentioned I have replaced the AC87U with the AX56U. I have tried all wifi channels/widths and it does work on the AC87U on the same channel.
  • Any setting in the Web GUI; I have tried all combinations available in both professional and general tab relating to wifi, including disabling AX modes.
  • Hardware acceleration; I have disabled hardware acceleration with the appropriate nvram settings (runner_disable and fc_disable).
  • Switching function of AX56U; it works perfectly fine when connecting a device to one of the ethernet ports of the AX56U.

  1. I believe the AC87U has a seperate chip specifically for the 5ghz whereas the AX56U doesn't.
  2. AC87U is on a very old merlin version (if it ain't broke don't fix it :) whereas AX56U does not have access to these older firmware versions.
  3. One of my devices when connected to the AX56U uses Short GI and STBC to connect whereas when the same device connects to the AC87U without these wifi options.

Does anyone have any tips I could try before I go out and buy a second hand AC87U?


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I'd look for some tooling which shows how stable the link is next to a tool that shows what Wifi is doing.


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Just picked up my second AC87U and works perfect! As game/desktop streaming becomes more popular (xcloud, stadia) wifi will also be subject to more scrutiny for these types of applications so for now I'd recommend staying away from the AX56U if you plan to do any low llatency dependant streaming.
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