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WiFi repeater with FW/DHCP/different SSID? possible?

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Excuse the question if it's been asked here before, but I can't find anything about this here or somewhere else.

I've been using asuswrt-merlinn for sometime, but can't find the settings for this any place. I've seen other devices do this (Dlink DIR-505L and other travel routers; no I'm not making this into a travel router).

Is it possible for the system to be a Wifi repeater/bridge/extender for another WiFi AP, yet still keep the firewall, DNS, DHCP all intact and use different/custom SSIDs on the repeating side?

Basically, instead of connecting to an ISP on the WAN port, I want to use another WiFi device with it's own SSID as the ISP. asus-merlin then takes that access and behaves as it normally would. I want all the same features using the WAN port, but from another WiFi device/SSID.

Does that make sense? Even possible?
What you're asking is not a repeater, it's Wifi Client mode, which is not possible with Asuswrt.

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