WiFi router intermittent slow downs

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Hi all,

I just bought an Asus RT-AC86U and a few times per day I'm experiencing slow wifi connections. I know it's the router and not my ISP because if I plug my laptop directly into the modem, I don't have any issues. The way the problem manifests is that any page takes forever to load. I don't get "no connectivity" error or anything like that, it just takes very long. Sometimes the browser times out as well. And this happens on all devices. I can't even access the router UI at router.asus.com and when the page finally starts to load, it loads in bits and pieces: some icons, then some text, until slowly slowly the whole page is loaded.

This whole hiccup lasts for about 10-15 min and then everything resumes back to normal.
I checked the system logs but there's nothing suspicious there. I am on latest official firmware:
Do you think this may be due to channel interference? But if that's the case, then why does it resolve on its own? Please let me know how I can debug or what I can do to fix the root cause.


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What have you changed past defaults? If you've toggled many settings back and forth, it may be worth it to do a full reset once more and follow the suggested 'best practice' setup above.


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No changes besides setting the wifi name and password.
I had a similar problem with my previous AC86U (made 2019) which I had for more than a year. A few weeks ago it started freezing completely or give intermittent slow downs. I returned it and got this new one (made 2020) a few days ago. This seems more stable: no more freezing, but still intermittent slow downs once in a while. That's why I'm suspecting it's not a hardware or a software issue.


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Where is the router physically located? Hopefully not in a small, enclosed space. If it is (and possibly overheating) then move it out into the open.

Have you tested for possible cable failure? Yes, even those can show intermittent failures.

I suggest starting by using the suggested defaults from the links above. New SSIDs, New passwords (don't share the main router passwords with anyone), disable the Universal beamforming on both bands. Don't use SmartConnect. Don't use the same SSID for both radios.

With such a simple setup, you may also want to try RMerlin's Alpha 1 release too (many fixes).

Download | Asuswrt-Merlin

Your SSID's and passwords may also be a potential issue.

Why 8 Alphanumeric SSID Characters

As can your Control Channel setup too.

Control Channel Setup 2021

Reset Mini Guide + Control Channel Setup Details

Control Channel Setup (more)

Do try all the above in the order indicated.

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