WiFi signal advice needed

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Hi, I am hoping someone who understands how WiFi works more than I do can give me some pointers into an issue I am having.

I have an Asus AX88U router running Merlin and overall I am really pleased with it, at least until we moved house and the WiFi signal has become terrible. Our old house was a 1950's house, all the walls were solid brick and I could get a great WiFi signal in every room of the house. The signal even extended to the garden and onto the road outside. The new house is much more modern built in 1999 and maybe 25% bigger, all the internal walls seem to be plaster board and hollow sounding rather than solid brick. I would have assumed that these type of walls would have been less of a barrier to a WiFi signal than a solid brick one but that isn't the experience I am having. The kitchen TV and Alexa which are around 25ft away from the router keep loosing their WiFi connection, and so do the kids iPads. In the Office everything hard wired in and works fine.

If there is an app I could do a signal strength test on my phone or laptop and see when it drops off and potentially look to get another Asus router in AI mesh mode and connect them via a network cable but I don't want to spend the money if it won't fix it.

Any advice is much appreciated as it will stop the kids from kicking off when the WiFi goes down :)

Thanks in advance.


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My advice is based on house with concrete and steel all around the place and I have the same problems with wifi signal ...

Best wifi analyzer will find on Android - Google play store

1. You could create Air Mesh with another Asus router ( expensive )
2. use independent air mesh systems ( expensive like router )
3. wifi extenders for 2.4 and 5 ghz and Access Point also must be as very good feature ( 30 - 40 usd ) - more places to cover but you need main power supply
4. wifi bigger antennas - 9dbi only for 2,4 ghz ( 30-40 usd ) - no more then double cover on distance ( depends on house layout and router position )

You can make a mix 3 and 4 to have a really boost

Good luck

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