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Hello everyone, I have a dsl-ac68u connected in wan mode to the 1Gbit fiber. I connected my pc to the 5ghz wireless network and did some speedtest. I can not exceed 350mbit of speed although with other wifi I reach 600mbit. On the router page it says I'm connected to the pc at 866mbit and the same says windows. I set the channel bandwidth to 80Mhz and left everything as default. How is it possible that it doesn't go faster?


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Do you have all hardware acceleration options enabled? Are you running QoS (it disables HW acceleration)?


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Where do I check if I have hardware acceleration enabled? QoS is disabled, traffic analyzer is enabled.
It is normal that if I connect two devices in wifi (866mbit from asus page) and transfer a file I get that from only one device at a time I reach 350mbit, if I transfer one file to two devices at the same time the speed is halved on each device so I will have about 200mbit for each device.
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