Wifi unstable at Aimesh network AX88U with 2 AX92U


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I have a setup with 1 glassfiber modem, after this modem I have 1x RT-AX88U ( with 2 Iamesh nodes RT-AX92U (

On LAN cable I have a low latency - when I ping google.com I have no losses, around 5-15ms. If I do the same on Wireless Wifi network; I have also great numbers but every 20-30 seconds I see a drop in the ping reaction time to 500-1500 ms!!

Anyone suggestions how to solve? I already turned of the Dynamic QOS - without any results

Please can somebody help me solve this problem (my son plays online games....)

Thank you in advance,



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Disable any WiFi and network monitoring tools.

This used to happen to me. The culprit turned out to be inSSIDer running on my local machine.

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