Diversion Will Diversion block speedtest.net ads?

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Should Diversion 4.1.12 have any difficulty blocking the banner ads on speedtest.net? I'm having a heck of a time trying to block them.



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Diversion has a hard-coded whitelist to support ads on snbforums.com. If speedtest.net uses any of the same ad domains as that whitelist, they won’t be blocked.


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Makes sense. I have another problem here now. One PC is not getting blocked at all. Always something.



Mr. Easy
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Really? You want to block ads on a site that is providing a very useful service? They don't run obnoxious ads. Let them recoup some of their costs.


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You can modify the white and/or black lists to allow or block whatever you want.
This is exactly what applications such as diversion are for; to allow you the user to choose (at least to the extent that the application is able to filter).

As for your client getting ads, I would suggest validating the client device is actually using the settings your router is pushing. If the client is able to bypass diversion then of course it will get whatever ads.
Many newer mobile devices are spoofing macs; using their own dns settings and this is also the case with some browsers such as Chrome/Firefox.
You will have to do some work to determine what is up with that client.

*mi opinion*
Bouncing back to "should you allow ads or block them"; there are at least two sides.
Those who want/need the ad income to maintain the service they provide (such as Tim here) and most often its the other end of the spectrum (the end user) who sees nothing but never ending ads from almost every page they visit and is tired of it.
Its your choice to decide where you fall and how you want to handle your experience on the internet.


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Really? You want to block ads on a site that is providing a very useful service? They don't run obnoxious ads. Let them recoup some of their costs.
I knew this conversation would reanimate you!, but everyone, thiggins is right, unless you feel the ads are targeting you or collecting information from you that you feel is invading your privacy, but in reality the easiest thing to do is not go to the site if you feel that way or use their linux speed test app.

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