Will Wi-Fi Make 5G LTE Irrelevant?


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Wi-Fi may have a better shot than 5G LTE in the race to be the next mobile technology.

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LTE is more than just a radio interface (the eUTRAN) - it's an architecture, which has always included WiFi (and CDMA/EVDO) as part of the Evolved Packet Core. Same for Wimax/802.16...

While the e-UTRAN was technically very strong, it was the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that won the race...

"5G" is a marketing term, but where we're at - the 3GPP LTE-EPC is not just pushing higher speeds, it's expanding into things like the IoT arena (NB-IOT for one), and improved interconnectivity across different bearers...

It's a very interesting time for the telco's especially, as the EPC specs define interfaces, but they don't define implementation - and we see ATT and Verizon (along with others) migrating their cores into something more cloudlike similar to Google, Amazon, and Microsoft...


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With LTE, you pretty much get a decent AND guarantee connection. So far WiFi feels like a best effort ( Whether it is designed like that or not )
Logging in still sucks, some AP are stuck with ADSL backbone. And in high populated area it is hugely congested and UX mostly sucks.

I am waiting to see if LTE-U, LAA, or MuLTEFire will be better.


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Good article. One does get the impression that all of it is "throwing at the wall, and see what sticks"? Not the most efficient way to building a nationwide "last mile".

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