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Windows 10 Wireless Intel AC7260 Settings

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I have an option on my Intel AC7260 wireless card.

Can someone tell me what is the difference in these settings?
CTS-to-self enabled
RTS/CTS enabled
It is an option under my AC7260 card settings. It is either or so they must be related some how.

I guess I don't care. I was just looking at everything. Thanks.
I figured out I could use band steering on my Windows 10 laptop AC7260 card setting. There is a setting for preferred network 2.4GHz or 5GHz. I changed it to 5GHz and I stay on 5GHz now with my laptop. I was having issues where my laptop would wake up and it would be on 2.4GHz without ever moving my laptop when it was on 5GHz before it went to sleep.
I did the same with that card I have in mine along with disabling any Green/Energy settings and associated toWOL. Disable Large Packet Offload also.
Make sure that you do not keep the old SSID in known networks or allow to connect automatically.
It turns out my neighbor has a 5GHz on my channel which was causing my laptop to change to 2.4GHz. I sit on the far corner closest to his house. I changed my wireless to a different channel all seems well now. Changing the Intel NIC drivers in Windows 10 to prefer 5GHz seems to work. I also changed roaming aggressiveness to medium instead of medium hard which is the default.
My laptop now stays on 5GHz all the time. I have checked it for several days multiple times after turn-on and recovering from sleep mode it always comes back to 5GHz.

It was me sitting too close on a neighbors wall to the same 5GHz channel he was using. Some how my laptop would read his 5GHz network and switch me to 2.4GHz because my 5GHz network was on the same channel. This may be an issue when we try to use 160MHz channels.

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