Wired network issues (several) on RT-AX88U and beta (both 1 and 3)

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Upgraded my AC68U to a AX88U and generally very pleased. I never ran the stock FW but installed the Merlin Beta 1 right away as I have been running Merlin on the AC68U since I bought that several years ago, so I cannot reference if these issues are present on the ASUS FW or not. Sorry.

Wireless clients generally work just fine. Have no issues that I can think of actually but wired is another matter. First thing I noticed was that one LAN port indicated “Unplugged” in the UI when it is indeed connected. On this port (LAN 2) I have an AX92U that acts as a mesh client and in the mesh UI it shows up just fine and I can work with it. Also on LAN 1 I have an identical AX92U and that port shows up as “Connected”. Very minor issue since the mesh node obviously works just fine… This issue is present still in beta 3.

The main issue with LAN though is that wired devices cannot connect to the LAN at all. It appears all devices loose this ability at the same time and it’s like they cannot get DHCP info from the router. I have definitely not done very extensive testing so this is perhaps more a request as to where I should start trouble shooting and check if anyone else is experiencing similar issues. As I just updated to beta 3 I cannot say if the issue persists but it was definitely present in beta 1.

Any help, input and guidance would be greatly appreciated
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Hi, I'd first of all and because it is very easy to do in your case, switch cables between Lan1 and Lan2 so that you can rule out an external to the ax88u problem in case that the 'bad port' then appears to be then the lan2 one. Afterwards I would reset and reconfigure the x88 from scratch and starting at a minimum configuration and just with the offending hw connected (the ax92 connected to lan1) to see if you can reproduce it in absence of other configurations or hardware present. If the problem persists then, I would tend to think that you possibly have a hardware problem with that port.


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Very good suggestion actually @FTC :) Turns out the Mesh Node (one of the AX92's that has no wired connections on it (i.e. only the wired backhaul) does come up "Unplugged" in all tested ports, whilst the other AX92 (that has ha PC jacked in to it) comes up "1 Gbps" in all tested ports. Also the 24p switch I have comes up as "1Gbps" on all ports. Will test if the now "unplugged" node comes up as "1 Gbps" if I plug something into it's lan ports... So that mystery solved (sort of). Thanks for helping @FTC. Much appreciated.

Now we'll se if the issue with the wired clients persists after upgrade to beta 3.

Thanks again for helping


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Did troubleshoot the issue with the wired devices a bit more but I'll start a separate thread on that as to avoid confusion :)

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