Wired vs Wireless Router

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I've moved into a new home where we have gigabit internet (testing 900 down and 800 up), but the builder installed a pretty basic wireless router. I do have pre-wired locations for WAPs, however.
I'm trying to decide whether to go with a wired router and a couple WiFi6 WAPs, or base it all on a good WiFi6 wireless router and attach a single WAP to cover the house. Which is considered the better setup? Mesh routers look pretty good, too, but the satellites are getting their signal via WiFi. This seems like it would be less than optimum since I have the wiring installed for a WAP.
Thanks for the insights.


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Use the wired router supplied right now and get yourself one or two (test at optimal/central location first before you unbox the second one) RT-AX86U(s).

Set up the main RT-AX86U as an AiMesh Router in AP Mode and the second RT-AX86U as the AiMesh node, with the latest RMerlin 386.1 Beta AiMesh, with AiMesh v2.0 available. Both can be wired, and you should use a wired connection too between them to make the most of your ISP speeds.

ASUS Wireless Router RT-AX95Q - Operation Mode

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How to Connect an AiMesh Node

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