Wireguard on AX86 - low throughput and flood of syslog entries

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I configured wireguard through both @Martineau's WireGuard session Manager and @Odkrys' experimental scripts for HND routers (not at the same time).

In both cases the connection to the VPN provider's wireguard server peer completes successfully and I can browse the internet. However the throughput through the router configured connection is only a fraction of the throughput when using a wireguard client peer software (i.e. 2.5/3 vs. 220/11 Mbps on a 200/10 Mbps cable plan).

The issue appears to be connected to a flood of entries in the system log (at least 3 every second) occuring after starting the wireguard client peer on the router:

Mar  7 00:09:08 kernel: blog_link: overwriting ct_p=ffffffc02d1c1650, new_ct=ffffffc02ad9b970 at idx=0

I wasn't able to locate any similar incidents.
Any suggestion or pointer are appreciated.


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I did a nuclear reset of the router. Then a minimal configuration, formatted /jffs, installed amtm and formatted the USB drive and let diversion install Entware.
After all the reboots I then installed @Martineau's flavor of WireGuard. It connects alright, but the speed issue remains and also the syslog error as before:

Mar  7 11:28:56 kernel: blog_link: overwriting ct_p=ffffffc02e701c90, new_ct=ffffffc001884330 at idx=0
...more than one can count.

Is anyone running WireGuard on the AX86?
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