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Wireguard Server - not showing connection status?

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I configured a Wireguard server on my Asus AX86U router running Merlin FW and connect to it without an issue from my laptop. At least my laptop is showing good connection status. But on the router, there is no indication of a connection status either on the "VPN Status" tab or on the WireGuardVPN server tab.

I do get a connection status when I connect using OpenVPN, but not for Wireguard.

Thanks for any help on this...
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I have noticed this as well. There is a log file at /tmp/etc/wg/wgs1.log but it doesn't show much, just the server parameters.
Wireguard when connected will show a green dot on the key icon to the left of the wireguard client name. It does seem to take some time for the green dot to go away after the connection is closed.

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