Solved Wireless Amcrest camera dropping connection multiple times per day

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Have 4 Amcrest cameras and an Amcrest NVR. 3 cameras and NVR are LAN and 1 camera is wireless. Since updating to Merlin 386.1 I've seen the wireless camera dropping connection in the log as if attempting to roam. Bound the camera to the closest AP but the drops continued. Most drops were only a few seconds but others up to a minute and long enough to cause recording disruption. There was a pattern to the drops but it was irregular. Every few hours within a minute or every hour with seconds. I've been methodically looking for regular happenings and settings on both the router and camera but could find nothing.

While looking around at settings yesterday I happened across the NTP setting on the NVR, it was set at 60 minutes. Changed it to 10080 and haven't had a phantom disconnect since. Will check in a week and expect to see the disconnect then. Thought I would share for any others out there having similar unknown disconnects. The setting is located under DeviceCFG>Maintenance>Date&Time>NTP


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Interesting. I have an amcrest wireless camera that misbehaves similarly. I have a Synology that I use for NTP and I have NTP set to 10 minutes along with my non-Amcrest cameras. I wonder if this is the issue.

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