Wireless bridge dropping between two RT-AC66U B1

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I'm having an issue with my two RT-AC66U B1 routers, both on 386.1_2 of Asus Merlin. One functions as a router, and all devices connect without issue. The second is in Media Bridge mode, and works probably 90% of the time. However, it will occasionally disconnect (probably 2-3 times a week) and will not attempt to reconnect without either a reboot or a rescan of the Media Bridge endpoint. I'm connecting to the main router over 5ghz if that's relevant, and there don't seem to be any environmental / spectrum issues (all other devices in the same room stay connected without issue).

I'm happy to provide any logs or try any suggestions - overall I've been extremely impressed and satisfied with the Merlin firmware vs the Asus default, and other than this disconnect-and-never-retry issue it's been working flawlessly.

Thanks in advance.

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