Wireless Camera cause wifi disrupt or something else?


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I am not sure if this topic should be here but it really drove me crazy.

I purchased a "cheap" outdoor wifi camera from Amazon recently since the price is comparable cheap and it states support RTSP so I can use my own ZM server without use so called cloud service. However the most weird thing happening once I got it and set up yesterday.
Before setup the camera after first power on, I first try to use "ONVIF Device Manager" (PC) to find it but fail. I have to download an app to my cellphone and config wifi there. It took me several try and finally get it work. So far I am ok and see camera on my network and stream inside the app.
Then I go to "ONVIF Device Manager" and try to locate this camera, and now strange things happen, the program did find 3 devices (added to existing other cameras), and suddenly my wifi (on PC) disconnected, and so do other people use the same AP (wired connection seemed unaffected). After about several minutes, the wifi (AP) returns.
At this point, I already had some doubt whether the new camera has caused the disruption. I confirmed by doing the scan again inside "ONVIF Device Manager" and again wifi down! At this point, I am a little concern but blame it could be the program can't treat the new camera correctly.
So I go ahead and install the camera on my front porch. At the point I re-connect power to this camera, the wifi (to my cellphone) was off for a minute then return.
It is until the night, and all of sudden the whole network was down include wired connection, reboot router doesn't solve the issue. I even test with another backup router and the internet connection from ISP is good. It turn out to be my main ASUS router corrupted at this point -- the only suspicious action was I added this camera to my network.

Anyone has ever see this happen and by any knowledge that a device/wifi camera can cause router to stop working?

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