Wireless MAC filter shuts down site survey (386.2_2)


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On a RT-AC68U running 386.2_2 enabling the wireless MAC filter (either 2.4 or 5) blocks the site survey. This can create confusion when someone loads a CFG (which had the MAC filter turned on) and selects repeater mode for which the subsequent survey fails to list any SSIDs. Yes, the SSIDs can be manually configured, but it's still disconcerting to see the site survey not return anything. In router mode if one wanted to use the survey they'd have to turn the MAC filter off first. I'm guessing this is not intended.


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It's been discussed before that if the MAC filter is active in "accept" mode that band cannot be scanned. That's a hardware limitation of the RT-AC68U AFAIK, although that only applies per band. I've also noticed that if the 5GHz band is currently using a DFS channel that also prevents scanning on that band.


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Always been that way.....in fact on my fork I added a warning msg to site survey if MAC filter is active.

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