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Wireless Mesh as AP to existing router or Mesh with QOS

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I have a scenario where my mother-in-law is moving into our basement suite. I have offered her the ability to access our wireless Internet so that she doesn’t need to pay for her own Internet service.

Our upstairs is 1209 square feet and the basement suite is 1000 squre feet. I am currently running a Linksys WRT 1900 with OpenWRT installed for the firmware. I have a Ooma VOIP system for my home phone, and use OpenWRT QoS to prioritize the VOIP so we don’t have any phone issues while watching 4k Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. The router does service our basement suite, but the router is on the opposite side of the house where my mother-in-law’s living room will be. Her main use of Internet will be some casual web surfing, e-mail, but also Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. I don’t have any means of getting a LAN cable to that area, so was thinking of going with a wireless mesh type wireless network. The one thing I don’t want to lose out on is the great QoS the Linksys WRT 1900 with OpenWRT gives me for my Ooma VoIP system (I prefer to have the Ooma box behind the router as apposed to putting it in in front of the router as Oooma suggests, hence the need for QoS). I am interested if anyone knows of a wireless mesh system that offers QoS that is as robust as OpenWRT, or is there a possibility of running a mesh type system, like Google’s wireless mesh, TP Link’s Deco or one of the Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh products in just in a AP mode so I can continue using my Linksys router with OpenWRT. Or should I just be looking to get a wireless extender for the downstairs area?

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions!

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