Wireless not connecting? Is it due to Windows upgrade?


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I had to put a new hardrive in laptop, went from Windows 7 to Windows latest 10 version. I have a 7260AC wireless card in here with drivers I have problems connecting, and today it just wont connect with Hotel at all?
Will newer drivers help, or am I needing something else?


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have you tried another place with wireless - maybe a coffee shop ?
Does it connect to the AP there ?

can you see any ssids ? Maybe neighboring rooms ?

does the lan port work correctly ?

was this a conversion of win7 or a bare metal install of win10 ?
What version of win10 ?

depending on the answers it might not be the laptop os.

that being said, there was a w10 version upgrade issue that lost the networking and i think required a registry edit to fix. That was a while ago though so if you are running current release, maybe not a concern.


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Try updating drivers and see if it helps, my tenant once had issue where it would stop seeing ssid on ax based router updating driver fixed it.

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