Wireless Recommendations?

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Hello All,

I'm looking for some recommendations on a new home network setup. Ideally I'm looking for something that offers good performance and a decent mix of advanced functionality combined with a low(ish) price tag. Below is some background on my situation and current setup.

The home is new construction. It's ~ 2500 sqft + another 1800 sqft or so in the basement. And eventually some outdoor area (deck/patio). It has a wired for wireless Access Points in the ceiling of the main floor and loft; but these require the device to be PoE.

Currently I'm running a Velop system with one node on each level. Wireless speeds and signal strength in the garage and perimeter of the home are not great. I recently moved to Xfinity's unlimited data service so I have an xFi wireless modem/router combo thingy that I have in bypass mode (i.e. it's just acting as a modem). I also have a tp-link TL-SG116E "smart" unmanaged switch (it does support PoE).

I'm looking for recommendations on a wireless solution that ideally allows me to take advantage of the WAP mount points, provides adequate coverage, speeds, and reliability.

-Thanks in advance!!!


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what are the wireless devices and on which band ?
Those may be more of the limitation. Any chance you have walked around and mapped the signal strength in the weak areas ?


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i looked up that switch model number and it does not come up saying that it supports POE from what i could find. What is the total power budget, # ports supporting, and std supported.

Which model velop ?


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Thanks for the prompt response! I am mistaken on the switch, for some reason I had thought it supported POE. Most of the devices I have are various IoT devices, a few laptops, and Smart TVs. From what I've looked into, everything supports N and/or AC.

In terms of mapping the weak areas I've not done that; in all honesty I'm just looking for something that provides more reliable connections... My work laptop is approximately 15 ft from one of my velop nodes and it will frequently have connection issues. I honestly suspect my Velop system is starting to go... :/

As far as Velop model it's WHW03v1


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I would hardwire ethernet to the TVs if possible.
A map of the layout by house level would be useful with the ethernet locations and any coax locations marked. Show the location of all devices in the house as well. I assume all of the cables are gathered in on spot in the basement ?
If so, running an ethernet cable or coax ( for moca2 or 2.5 ) to the weaker wifi areas on first level would be straightforward to allow additional AP installations.

If you can make do with what you have for 6-12 months to let wifi 6 implementations stabilize, i would look at APs supporting that std. Several folks hear like the Omada line of gear as an economical setup.

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