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Wireless router for 16 laptops

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New Around Here
Please could someone help? I currently have a laptop trolley with 16 laptops using a buffalo Airstation WBR2-G54 wireless router. Only 12 of my laptops will connect concurrently. I am looking to purchase a new router as WBR2-G54 is no longer supported by the supplier. I need a router that will support 16 laptops running concurrently, whilst the router is never more than 3 feet away. I look forward to your help.


Mr. Easy
Staff member
Pretty much any current wireless router will meet your needs. Stick with an 802.11g router if your clients are not 802.11n. Examples are the Linksys WRT54G2, NETGEAR WGR614, D-Link WBR-2310.

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