Wireless Router or Wired+AP for solid VPN split tunelling


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As a backstory: I live in UK and because of Brexit, the UK is no more part of the Digital Single Market, thus I can not access streaming services I pay for in my home country due to geo locking (not Netflix). To come around this I want to get a VPN router, get a VPS in home country and configure OpenVPN or Wireguard connection between them and locally use split tunnelling what IPs/URLs are being routed through the VPN and what goes direct. But I'm stuck in a HW for it. The current setup I have: the modem/router from isp + switch seems to be sufficient (have 200Mbps downlink), but maybe that's just because I don't know it can run far better, especially for wifi. But if I will buy some HW I want to make sure it is futureproof, and want hit a performance wall when using the VPN tunnel to VPS.
The first idea was to use PC Engines APU2 E2 with OpenWRT on it, but when all the needed additions were added to it (SSD, wireless cards, casing), the price become pretty excessive, and maybe that would be just too much for my needs anyway.

So other obvious option would be RT-AC86U, where the price is more reasonable, but as complete I lack knowledge about the firmwares, is the Merlin FW capable of the same, or similar setup as OpenWRT, to match my needs with split tunnelling? As I understand, the OpenWRT does not work in right now.
In the same price range would then be a combination of router+AP, e.g. Brume + WAC104 , where I can put the OpenWRT on Brume, and let the WAC104 handle the wireless network. But not sure how the performance would be compared to the AC86U.

I suppose I'm overthinking it, and maybe there is simpler/cheaper solution. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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