Wireless VLANs on Asus RT-AC88U

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Hey all,

I was trying to assist in getting some VLANs set up on a friend's network to segment off their IOT devices, but they keep all their IOT devices configured on the main wifi, and I'm not 100% on the best approach to take for segmentation in this instance. I'm trying to avoid encouraging them to buy another network device, tho that would be by far the easiest way to get these segmented.

My experience is also primarily in IOS, and I've little experience in Linux CLI.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not this can be done, and if so, what scripting I can use to try to target only the devices I need?


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Asuswrt doesn't have VLAN support. For wireless devices the router's guest networks are usually used to isolate IoT devices from the intranet.

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