Wireless ZenWIFI Pro XT12 2.5G LAN Port Issue

Jacky Siu

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Hi, all,

I got a pair of ZenWifi Pro XT12 and the configuration is quite simple. XT12(main router) - XT12(node) 2.5G LAN port - 2.5G LAN port switch - other devices.

The problem is, seems that when I connect XT12 node 2.5G LAN port to the 2.5G LAN port of the switch, when this XT12 node restarts or reboot, it will select the 2.5G LAN port as the ethernet backhaul accidentally. And in the AiMesh section of master node, I have already disabled to use ethernet backhaul connection.

Currently I have two workarounds:

1. Disconnect the cable between 2.5G LAN port of the switch and XT12 node. After the XT12 node restarted, re-connect the cable from switch to this 2.5G LAN port of the XT12 node.
2. Change the port speed of this LAN port on the switch from 2.5G to 1G, after XT12 node restarted, change back the switch 2.5G LAN port to run at full speed 2.5G.

Both XT12 master and child node are running latest firmware Although I got workaround, wonder to know any way to disable XT12 node for trying to use 2.5G LAN port for ethernet backhaul?

Best regards.

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