WNDR4500 master browser?


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My better half is having issues with her nas disappearing when it goes to sleep.

Now i run into this before on that model of nas or for that matter most store bought nas devices and its most of the time a master browser issue.

Does the wndr4500 have a option for setting the router as master browser or well setting the nas a static ip do the job?
Iam unfamiliar with this router so i figure asking the best option as googling its unclear.


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There is a "Workgroup" option in the WNDR4500 GUI under "Advanced => USB Storage => Advanced Settings".

That is the only configurable option regarding a master browser setting...


I am not sure I understand the problem. The NAS is disappearing from the network when it enters a sleep state? If so, isn't that what is supposed to happen? Do you mean it's not waking up when you want it to? Sure this isn't a WoL compatibility issue?

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