Work VPN bypasses diversion


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Hi, my work-vpn bypasses diversion on my home network. Is there a work around for this to have diversion still apply to my work laptops connection? thanks


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Not unless the VPN client on your PC has an option for split tunnelling of non-work traffic.


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Quite a few VPNs (like Sonicwall NetExtender) will enforce the use of a corporate-enforced DNS. I have that issue with one of my customers that requires me to use their VPN to remotely manage their servers, and they push as DNS, preventing me from even doing local name resolution while the VPN is up.

Unfortunately this is a DNS issue, split tunnelling cannot help here (I do have split tunnelling set up with that VPN).


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Assuming YOU own this laptop, I suppose you could copy the hosts file created on the router by Diversion to your own laptop's hosts file, since that will always be read first before *any* remote DNS lookups. NOT unless the changes by the VPN connection are capable of preventing that as well. But that would seem more likely if it was an employer-owned device.

P.S. I'm assuming the intent here is to continue ad blocking. I don't use Diversion, so I don't know what other capabilities it may possess that are being bypassed and of interest to the OP.

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