WTFast- Need help with settings


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Hello all. I have a Playstation 5 and Ax88u router but when I enable WTFast it raises all the CPU cores to 80-100% before pegging 1 core on 100%. There are also a bunch of error messages in the system log.

Do I need to disable DNSSEC, DOT, and DNS filter for it to work correctly? The CPU usage is also concerning.


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Welcome to the forums @AllVibez.

Why don't you just leave WTFast disabled? Haven't seen any network 'gaming' feature work consistently or dependably.

What router do you have? What firmware is it running? When was the last time you did a full reset to factory defaults on it (and minimally and manually configured it, without using a saved backup config file)?


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From what I read about it, best setting is Disabled. :)

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