WTH with SmartConnect

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Really Idiot BroadCom or Asus developer SmartConnect?

With SmartConnect 2 problem need decisive period

1) If RSSI <-80 0r -90 --- Roaming 5ghz
2) If RSSI > -80 or -90 --- Roaming 2.4ghz

(1)+(2)This is enought Selection Policy

But BroadCom or ASUS work very bad. SmartConnect have much Problem with :

1. Steering Trigger Condition
2. STA Selection Policy
3. Interface Select and Qualify Procedures
4. Bounce Detect ===> This is a bunch of forests....too troublesome.

I have followed asus's instructions, refer to other ways on snbforum, but almost all of us cannot use smartconnect. I switched from stock fimware to Firmware Merlin and everything is the same. What the hell is wrong with your product asus, your product, the function is not as advertised.

I buy Router with have Smart Connect....BUT i cant use it....crazy.

Jack Yaz

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word of advice, dont use language like that if you ever contact Asus, insulting the developers puts you off to a very bad start with the support desk agents :)


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I use roam assist, but not Smart Connect and my clients seem to find the best wifi band and node on their own. My RA RSSI settings are -62 for 2.4G and -70 for 5G.
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