x3mRouting or IP Tables - port based selective routing of LAN client over VPN

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Forgive me if this has been covered but I have been searching and googling prior to creating a request for guidance thread.

AC86u - 386.1_2
amtm - x3mRouting installed
vpn client #1 (could use others if needed - Nordvpn)

I have a Synology NAS that I want to force almost all of its traffic over a vpn tunnel. - NAS port 1 - NAS port 2
However some ports (remote management type) needs to be accessible on the LAN/WAN.

Being new to x3mRouting I had assumed I could do port based routing via the Asus gui.
If so, I am not understanding that process.

Here is what I am looking to accomplish.

-- LAN/WAN --
NAS on LAN needs to be accessible to other LAN clients such as my pc and the unRaid server.
Ports over WAN/LAN
222, 5009 - 5011 - Routes to access multiple LAN/gLAN
Synology domain over WAN
I have a DDNS on the NAS that should resolve over the WAN.

-- VPN --
Everything else should be forced over the VPN tunnel.

If this is not a x3mRouting feature how would be the best way to go about this (IP Tables or?)
Thank you in advance.

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