Xbox One X Insanely Slow 5ghz Wi-Fi Speeds

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I have an Xbox One X I use purely as a travel system. As such, I don’t have it hardwired and only use wifi for game/system updates. I’m not sure when this started, but recently I’ve noticed it will max out at about 25 Mbps over 5GHz Wi-Fi (my connection is 250 Mbps). Even if I move the system right next to the router 25 is the max. Initially I thought possibly the Wi-Fi chip was bad, but on 2.4 it can hit close to 100. This tells me there has to be a 5 GHz setting that is causing the issue.
I have an AX88U and a AX58U as an AP. It doesn’t matter which one it is connected to, it’s still maxes out at 25. below are my 5 GHz settings. Any thoughts?

Edit to add: my series X is hardwired but decided to connect to Wi-Fi to see if it also had the issue. It does not. I can hit 250 over Wi-Fi on the series X.


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I have the same issue wireless over 5Ghz with my AX86U as well. My Xbox one x is at 21mbps on a 1gb internet plan. My old AC86u was much higher


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I still have my Scorpio Edition One X and use an AC86U running Merlin 384.19 with a 200 down and 20 up service and the One X gets max speeds on our 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Compared to your 5 GHz wireless professional settings, I have most things disabled and the Modulation Scheme set to match the band's standard. So, the only professional settings I have enabled are AMPDU RTS and Enable WMM and the Modulation Scheme is set to MCS 9 (802.11ac) on 5 GHz.

If I start playing around with any other professional settings or set the Modulation Scheme higher, I start getting worse performance of varying degrees across different devices.
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Same issue but with my One S. I recently updated the the Xbox and I’ve gotten better speeds now but still not what I’m paying for. I’m supposed to get 200/10 but I get 120+ Download on avg now, unlike 30-40 on avg
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