XT8 dedicated ethernet-Backhaul, no Connection to XD4 in wireless mode


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Hello, maybe someone can help me.
I have a total of 5 ASUS XT8 connected via Ethernet backhaul because of my reinforced concrete walls. The second 5GHz-2 network is thus free for communication for the clients (Tri-Band Smart Connect). Everything is working fine so far. Installed is the current firmware, but have also tried every firmware since AI Mesh 2.0 (so early 2021) related to this problem.

Now I have two XD4 installed in two locations due to space and cost constraints. The XT8s are to communicate ONLY via Ethernet backhaul, because due to reinforced concrete ceilings, the WLan connection is in part much too weak.

However, the XD4s are to communicate with the mesh via wireless LAN because no Ethernet is available at their location. This only succeeds for setup (the main XD4 can be set up via WLAN, then receives the mesh data from the XT8 main and is then no longer available because it also wants to communicate via Ethernet backhaul). In my opinion this is a design bug, or how do you see it? It must be possible to tell some nodes to talk only over ethernet and others to talk over wlan, even if you have selected ethernet backhaul. However, as soon as I set mixed usage (i.e. WLan and Ethernet), the XT8 automatically drops the 5 GHz-2 band for client use and acts as a backup backhaul (even though the XD4s can't use this band at all). This is totally crazy to implement this way....

Looking forward to your comments and tips. Please excuse my English, normally I speak German and need a translator.

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It is clearly explained here:

ps: if you use XT8 with wireless backhaul (mixed or exclusive) it can use those two radios: 2.4Ghz (together with the other devices) and 5Ghz-2 (ONLY dedicated for backhaul!)
The 5Ghz-2 is the preferred backhaul radio, but it only works on channel 100-140 (the 5ghz-1 uses 36-48 but is not possibile to use it for backhaul), so if XD4 doesn't use such channels, it will switch to 2.4Ghz for backhaul, but XT8 will however continue to use 5Ghz-2 as dedicated backhaul too (even if unused)


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No, that is not correct. The XD4 do not switch to the 2.4 GHz backhaul. The try to switch to ethernet backhaul… but they have no Ethernet cable connected.

The XD4 are able to connect 1 times for getting their data from the Main XT8… and the whole mesh-infos they need. After that, they are not reachable any more. So, the question is: it is possible to integrate the xd4 into mesh, but not possible to use them in that way. That is silly.

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