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XT8 Weird backhaul signal issue on 388.1_0-gnuton1

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New Around Here
Hey all. Long time lurker around here while dealing with constant issues with my XT8 mesh routers.

I've been using this system for years and been dealing with daily issues with both main router and node, ranging from channels going down for 30+ mins then needing a reboot, and multiple drops in the backhaul signal.

The only stable firmware I've been using this entire time was 386_25790 and I never tried to update it ever again after several issues with newer firmwares at the time until today. I was dealing with multiple crashes daily for a few days because of this whole issue with ASUS recently, which I just found out about and quickly scrambled to fix them. I managed to flash 388.1_0-gnuton1 without a hitch by factory resetting both nodes, uploading the firmware, then factory resetting again. I then went through the settings and set everything up from scratch like how it used to be, and everything seems to be performing just fine. Maybe even better than before.

I proceeded to connect some of my devices again one by one, starting with my iPhone and iMac, but when I came to connect my Android TV and PS5, I noticed a weird wifi signal. It was just a long string of numbers. I ran a wifi scan for nearby signals and found that it's the same channel and strength as my hidden backhaul band, with an unknown MAC address and "Belon Technology" as the vendor. It is acting like an unhidden signal to my backhaul signal, and it still shows up if I unhide it as well. This is definitely not my backhaul channel and searching for anything similar on google and these forums got me nowhere.

I've never had this issue before, and I'm feeling paranoid about it. Any ideas?

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