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New Around Here
I have an XT9 AiMesh network with 2 nodes. Each node backhaul is wired. The nodes are physically connected to a NETGEAR GS110EMX switch, specifically the 10G ports. I’ve defined two ports on the GS110EMX as LACP port aggregation, connected those ports to my XT9 router and configured port aggregation on the router.

All of my devices connect and route just fine, but neither node will connect via wired backhaul.

When I disable link aggregation, my wired backhaul comes back.

I see that my GS110EMX also has settings for LACP System Priority, individual port priority and timeout (short or long), but I don’t see anything in the ASUS documentation about setting these parameters.

I’m not sure where to take it from here.
Anyone have experience with this switch/router pair: Netgear GS110EMX/ASUS XT9? I did see this thread where an ASUS AX86U successfully connected via LAG to a Netgear MS510TX.

Looking through the documentation, it looks like LAG configuration on the ASUS’ are the same. There’s very little to configure on the ASUS. You just turn it on or off. The only LAG configuration difference I see between the MS510TX and the GS110EMX is the MS510TX allows you to turn STP on or off per link in the LAG. The GS110EMX has a global Loop Prevention option that you can turn on or off.

I compared configurations with the other poster and aligned mine with his, with the exception of the STP settings. No joy. Perhaps the two systems are incompatible in some way?

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