YazFi YazFi interaction with Skynet ? ?

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Trying to track down an interesting issue - Skynet is periodically reporting OUTbound blocks from the public ip of my RT-AC86U. This even after a full factory reset / rescue etc ... and no restores of old settings - plus fully formatted and replaced USB flash stick [so convinced there is no malware on the router which has NEVER been open to WAN and has very strong password.

May be clutching at straws - but occurred to me that just maybe my YazFi settings will obscure the local ip of Guests - and result in Skynet reporting the block as having come from the router itself rather than the ip of a malware infested guest device? Showing my ignorance no doubt - but that's why my avatar says whats on the tin o_O. Here's my YazFi setting for Guest ...

Skynet outbound blocking only seems to occur on the week days when a certain "guest/employee" hooks up to the guest wifi.
Could I be on the right track?


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It’s probably from Unbound trying to query a server in a blocked IP range. What port was logged in the block?


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It’s probably from Unbound trying to query a server in a blocked IP range. What port was logged in the block?

Can't tell port - I nuked Skynet and did fresh install before I saw your post - will watch for port next time but assume it would have been 53535.
Unbound would only go look for something if requested by a client or the router itself.

I thought I had eliminated the router itself as a culprit seeking malware sites after clean rebuilds - but when the requests came back on certain days of the week ... I thought it may be a guest client device and that Skynet could not report the actual guest device ip due to my YazFi settings - so reported it as the router's public ip?

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