YazFi - Unexpected interaction between LAN and Guest Network


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I have RT-AC56U router with john fork (374.43_49E4) and I have guest network enabled. I also have the YazFi add-on.
I want the LAN device to see the devices on the Guest Network, and I do not want the devices on the Guest Network to see the LAN.
I try to set it up in the YazFi add-on, but it doesn't work. I have the settings as in the picture.


In addition, in Wireless -> Professional I have:
Set AP Isolated - No

In this case, on my network:
- the guest cannot ping LAN devices
- LAN device cannot ping the guest.
This situation is incomprehensible to me. I was expecting the LAN to see and connect to the guest. As expected.

If I set:
Two way to guest - YES
One way to guest - NO
Client isolation - NO
then the guest can ping the LAN device, but the LAN device cannot ping the guest. Is this an expected situation? I expected the reverse action.

And finally. When I turn off the YazFi add-on and set the option in the Guest Network:
Access Intranet - ON
then devices in both networks can see each other. As expected.
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Sounds like the firewall isn't adding the right rules. Can you please run the diagnostics option of YazFi command line, and send me the diagnostics and passphrase in a PM? If you need somewhere to upload the diagnostics please let me know and I'll send a Dropbox link


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Personally, YazFi is no longer installed at the moment.
Maybe for Mintoo it is still the case ?

In any case, if it can be a clue: I remember that when disabling the firewall in the Asuswrt interface, the problem persisted.
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