Yellow/Amber dot on AIMesh Clients GUI (What is it?)

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Anybody know what the amber dot is on top of my main router clients? Not sure if its related but I had just disabled the LAN>Routes option prior to this.
Everything else seems to work and haven't rebooted yet. It's there on FireFox and Chrome.

This is 386.1_2 on an AX86U

Screenshot_2021-02-14 ASUS Wireless Router RT-AX86U - AiMesh.png


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Check the nodes for an orange I I have a device I bind to a node, but that node is currently unplugged and there is an orange I next to device telling me that and it is bound to a different node. I could be wrong though


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Thanks JohnD5000! Didn't see that earlier but one of my bound node devices had moved to the main router and this was indeed the indicator for that.
Once I scrolled down there was some more info displayed on the device itself.
It has since moved back to the proper node on its own.

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