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Solved Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly.

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After factory resting my asus ax86u I keep getting this message and flacky internet. I tried unseting and resetting the passthrough settings on my ATT BGW210 and it still not working correctly. also If I try to run amtm i get this which is how I found the issue

NTP not ready, check that the router time
is synced.
Aborting amtm now.

figured out the problem I think my ax86u mac address changed how do I check that?
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Have you tried power cycling the BGW210 (unplug for 30 seconds/plug back in)? Also turn off the ax68u and wait for the bgw210 to fully boot before turning back on, modems can be a little finicky after a reset or fresh install even if the Mac of the router remains the same.
yeah I did that and it still wouldn't work had to disconnect all devices from the asus router so that only the router and my pc would show up on the list of devices on the BGW-210. I was able to see the mac address then and select it and everything is working
You can also manually type in the routers mac address on the BGW210 ip pass page.

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