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I am trying the diversion youtube ad block, it does seem to block some ads, does anyone else have success with it?

I also have unbound installed, ad blocking disabled, but I was wondering do the youtube blocks in this differ from the way the diversion blocks work and would there be any benefit enabling youtube ad blocks in this as well, or no point as it works exactly the same way, or worse it would cause performance issues?


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I am also new to this and have just installed diversion with option to disable youtube ads. However, it deosnt block anything and youtube still shows ads.
My intention is to blocks ads on ipads as on my PCs, I used ublock anyway.


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youtube ad block on Unbound (seems Diversion the same) work cumulative. all depends on individual youtube use. need about week to block about 10-15 youtube ads hosts, and so
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I gave up on doing at the DNS level ages ago. I've tried browser addons, scripts, and a TON of other stuff. The only fail safe way that I've ever found is in this link, and it works 100% of the time. I still haven't found a way on my mobile devices but this works great on desktop browsers.



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Does the YouTube ad blocking feature work when watching via the Android app or Roku?
I've had the option enabled for a few weeks and never found it block a single ad.


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I have Diversion and Skynet installed on my ASUS AX58U, I'm using Brave Browser and I have no ads whatsoever when watching Youtube on my computer. I'm not using the Youtube app in my mobile, instead I'm using Brave Browser and there are no ads anywhere. Couldn't be better :)


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On Windows and Android there are plenty of other, more reliable options, like browser plugins or alternative YT clients.
For me the only place where I still need a router based solution is Samsung smart tv. I'm trying Diversion YT ad blocking feature for two weeks now and I still see a lot of ads, but having read the description, it's meant to take longer to block all of them. I hope after a month or two, they'll be gone! :)


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Agree with you about Samsung Smart TV.
my research:
1. install SkyNet BEFORE Unbound, i.e. uninstall SkyNet and Unbound (made backup ytadblock blacklist /opt/var/lib/unbound/adblock), and install SkyNet, about 10-15 min wait to SkyNet start to work "normal" and then install Unbound.
2. watch some YouTube video, to see some entries in black list.
3. in SkyNet add in white list IP address from Unbound "new" black list.
4. add to Unbound black list all entries from backup "old" (change IPs from "old" black list to "new").

now much less youtube-ads
P.S. we can change black lists each other


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Thanks for the proposal, but I'm not using Unbound. I'm also looking for "fire & forget" kind of solution ;)
I'll report back after some time if Diversion is smart enough to do the job after longer learning period.


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Unbound is almost put and forget there is, and much more

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