ZenWifi AX Mini XD4- version -- anyone using?


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Noticed this firmware update is available for upload but haven't seen any forum chatter regarding its performance/reliability/etc.

Anyone using for their mesh satellite units?



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I upgraded to this firmware a week or two ago. No issues to report. The system continues to be rock solid for me.


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Hi, did you have to reset the mesh router’s config?
Any tips on how to save the static dhcp assignments?


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I didn't have to do anything special to the router's config. I logged into the web interface, clicked on the firmware version at the top of the page and told it to check for an update as I have manual updates disabled. The update was downloaded and applied to the router and satellites. They all came back up fine after the reboot.

As for static DHCP assignments I do have four devices on my network with static addresses. It was easy to add them. Once added just hit apply at the bottom of the page and they will stick. At least mine did.

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